About Us

MCE123 Policy Research Center (PRC) was originally formed in May, 2010 for the purpose of studying policy and technology. It is the purpose of the organization to bring out the truth about technological advancement, especially in the field of military and government patents. Voters, tax payers, and citizens alike have a right to know what their government is working on in its secret laboratories throughout the nation and the world. MCE123 PRC helps to uncover the truth through the intelligent design of invention concepts that would seem to gain traction in such a contested environment, and reveal them to the world for further studies and review of how their exposure changes policy – which can actually help to verify whether or not the inventions already exist.

Most of the inventions and concepts you will see on this website have been developed and studied by MCE123 Technology Development Department, part of the larger organization of MCE123. Through the eventual establishment of MCE123 PRC as a non-profit, MCE123 dedicates time and resources to building up the organization to benefit the public’s interests. Some of our methods are controversial, but not nearly as much as the government’s black pen. We’re careful about what we release, in order to first gain some credibility over our invention concepts so we can answer questions about how they would work if they were real.

You are encouraged to submit your own invention concepts, and we will review them and post them if they have credibility in helping the industry develop technologically, or even if there’s a good debate brewing about how the new invention would affect our policies here and abroad. Feel free to e-mail Patrick R. McElhiney at patrick@mce123.org anytime with questions, concerns, or valuable information. We look forward to speaking with you in the future!

Uncovering the truth in policy and technology.